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OSF Healthcare Utilizes AI to Predict Patient Mortality: Latest Updates on AI in Healthcare

Discover the latest updates on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, as OSF Healthcare employs AI technology to predict patient mortality. By tracking and analyzing various data points, this innovative approach aims to improve patient outcomes and enhance healthcare decision-making. Stay informed about the advancements and potential benefits of AI in the healthcare industry.

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Waitrose Online Orders Cancelled due to IT Glitch: Company Apologizes and Works on Resolution

Waitrose faces customer backlash as IT glitch leads to cancellation of online orders. Supermarket apologizes and works on resolving the issue. Online sales account for a significant portion of Waitrose’s revenue. Partnership with Uber Eats introduced to meet growing demand for fast grocery deliveries. Strengthening IT systems and offering compensation to affected customers are essential for maintaining brand reputation.


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